Class Information

In the UM-IEPSSP curriculum, the four skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing (LRSW) are integrated. Students practice these skills through content-based learning tasks inspired by weekly themes.

By the end of each week, students will integrate all four skills into completing a weekly project. To complement the four skills, students will engage in critical thinking and technology-based tasks that will push them to develop new perspectives and world views, as well as prepare them for decision-making in both academics and the real world.

Sample Schedule 

Art in the City Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



-Ice breakers

-Intro to final project

-Introduce weekly presentation

-Ice breakers

-Introduce Public Art

-Introduce Quizlet & register account

-Prepare for weekly presentations

-Introduce Kahoot

-Discuss presentation body language


-Discuss presentation, active listening

10:30-11:50 ESL (W+S)

-Ice breakers

-3 week goal setting

-Intro to scavenger hunt, map orientation

-Prepare for sculpture interview

-Presentation workshop:


-Draft recording

-Peer feedback

-Eucreations Workshop

-Give Weekly presentation 1: Comprehensive Reflection




11:50-1:30 LUNCH


1:30-2:20 Univ. Experience


-Guided Campus Tour

-Mail postcard

-Ice cream station (with domestic SSPs)

-Prepare for sculpture interview -Lowe Art Museum tour

-SoA: Exploration in Architecture & Design


-Go to Wynwood Walls

-Scavenger Hunt: photo of human engagement with wall art

-Dinner in Wynwood


Miami Experience


-Post cards

-Write, buy int'l stamps

-Scavenger Hunt

-Sculpture Interview

-Scavenger hunt: public art sculpture review, post

-Scavenger Hunt

-Post in double layout form

-Guided discussion

-Independent time: work on narrative presentation

-Martial arts-culinary arts

-Go to Wynwood Walls

-Scavenger Hunt: photo of human engagement with wall art

-Dinner in Wynwood


Return to dorms