The Intensive English Summer Scholars Program will introduce international high school students to the unique experience of studying and living on the University of Miami campus. This program will prepare high school students who are considering applying to an American university for higher education. Not only will high school students have the opportunity to study on an American university campus, interact with American students, and improve both academic and English skills, but they will also have the chance to interact with other international students from around the world, while participating in cultural and social activities.

Highlights of the Program

Each week, students will have the opportunity to learn about a different aspect and/or location in Miami. They may visit the Perez Art Museum, the Everglades of Florida, and shark tagging in the Keys. Students will also have the unique opportunity to share a classroom with other students from different countries, making English a necessity for communication.

Week 1 - Art and the City

Week 2 - Miami’s People & Places

Week 3 - The University Experience