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Payment Information

IEP students must pay their tuition within one week of beginning the program. Students can pay: 

  1. On Canelink with credit card or e-check
  2. At the Ashe Building with cash, check or money order
  3. With an international bank account or foreign credit/debit card in the International Portal in CaneLink
  • Students who are sponsored must submit a valid financial guarantee at the beginning of every session.  Sponsored students who already have health insurance from their sponsor must also apply to waive their health insurance fee directly with the Student Health Service.

Registration "stops" are placed on accounts with outstanding balances. This means you will not be able to register for classes until you have paid and fulfilled all your responsibilities. Students with outstanding balances do not receive grades or certificates.

If you have any questions about payments, please contact the IEP.

Withdrawal & Tuition Refund

Refunds are based on tuition charges only, not on total amount paid. Fees are non-refundable. Students may receive partial tuition refunds based on the date in which you officially withdraw. In order to be eligible for a refund you will need to come to the IEP office and complete a UM Drop/Add Form as soon as you make your decision to withdraw from the Program. Refunds are processed by Canes Central, located in the 1st floor of the Student Services Building. To learn more about tuition refunds, view the IEP’s Refund Calendar.

Withdrawal from the program may affect your visa status. If you have a student visa, it is absolutely necessary to tell the Associate Director if you plan to withdraw from the program.