Other English Programs

In addition to our Intensive English Program, we offer other specialized English programs

Intensive English Academy

The University of Miami, a top tier research institution, and the city of Miami, a modern international hub, together create a unique cultural, environmental and educational platform for language studies. Capitalizing on these strengths, the University of Miami's Intensive English Program (UM-IEP) offers a two-week summer course for international high school students. International high school students experience student life on a diverse North American college campus while improving their English language skills in preparation for college. Students enrolled in the Intensive English Academy (IEA) live in a residence hall on-campus with Summer Scholars Program students. They are integrated in all Summer Scholars Program activities, which provide an ideal opportunity to immerse themselves in campus culture with students from the United States and around the world

International Teaching Assistants

The Intensive English Program tests the spoken English proficiency of all incoming international teaching assistants for the University of Miami before they are assigned a teaching load. Students who do not successfully pass the test are eligible to demonstrate their spoken English through a recorded teaching demonstration before a panel. They are also eligible to take a spoken English course designed to improve English oral communication and presentation skills.

Intensive English + International Law LL.M.

This new three-semester program is designed for students who need to improve their English proficiency before they embark on studying for their International Law LL.M. with a specialization in U.S. and Transnational Law for Foreign Lawyers. Applicants who meet all admission requirements other than the English Language Proficiency requirement will be considered for admission.

Customized Language Programs

We can build a language course to meet your learning objectives, your timeline and availability, and your success. We have provided language programs for large corporations, small companies, organizations, groups, and for individuals. Our program participants come from cities throughout the United States as well as other countries. Learn more about our Customized Language Programs.

English for Graduate Business Studies

The English for Graduate Business Studies program is an intensive English program designed to prepare international students for the rigors of a graduate business school environment. This 4 –week intensive program is specifically designed to refine the oral communication and writing skills of international students with an advanced level of English who have been admitted to a graduate business program at the University of Miami Business School. This program is offered during the summer semester prior to the start to the fall term in the Business School.

The classes will provide a review of and practice with English writing, speaking and listening skills, which are essential for success in Business School and in the practice of business in general. In this program, students will develop their English expression by exploring issues facing contemporary, multicultural, business decision makers, while developing their ability to meaningfully make evaluations and clearly and persuasively communicate those recommendations to a variety of stakeholders. 

Miami Law Global Summer Academy: Legal English and Skills Program

The Legal English and Skills Program is uniquely designed for students looking to improve their legal English language and lawyering skills. Participants in this two-week experiential learning program will:

  • Improve their legal English speaking and writing proficiency
  • Build a foundation of basic U.S. legal skills
  • Gain an understanding of U.S. legal education and the law school experience

The Program provides an opportunity to meet other law students and practitioners from around the world, and includes professional/networking and social events and visits within the Miami legal community.