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IEP Application
Use the application to apply to the Intensive English Program

Sample Bank Letter
The IEP Application requires a bank letter on bank letterhead with the signature of a bank official. Please look at this letter before going to the bank!

F-1 Transfer Eligibility Form
If you are already in the United States with an active I-20 and wish to transfer to the IEP, you must complete the top section of the attached form. Your immigration advisor must complete the bottom section of the form. This form should be included in your application to the IEP.

Immunization Form
All students at the University of Miami, regardless of nationality, must submit proof of the necessary immunizations. This form must be completed by your doctor and turned in on the first day of your session. Students who do not submit this form will not be eligible to register for subsequent semesters. Alternately, you can also go to the Student Health Center when you arrive in Miami for a blood test and PPD test.