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Chengmin Zhu - China

“My name is Chengmin and I am from China. I think it has been a very memorable time in my life because there are many activities in each semester. Moreover, the teachers here are kind, they try to make us understand every word they say and make the difficult points easier for us. They have many ways to encourage me to avoid nervousness and make me feel relaxed. In addition, the environment in the IEP is suitable for studying English, since there are many students from different countries in every class. Before I came here, I felt nervous and didn’t think I could take the college classes, but because of the IEP, I have had a transition period that can help me overcome the difficulty of language.” 


Marcos Goldberg - Brazil

“My name is Marcos Goldberg and I’m from Brazil. I can say that my classes at IEP were a valuable contribution in my life experience. I had the opportunity to learn English with excellent teachers who are inspiring and approachable. In addition, I learned various aspects of different parts of the world due to the fact that the IEP is in Miami which is an amazing melting pot of cultures. Gratitude is the perfect word to describe all the things that I went through when I was studying at IEP. Thanks!!” 


Yacoub Hanna - Palestine

“My name is Yacoub Hanna. I’m from Palestine. I have finished the whole 5 levels in the Intensive English Program. The courses were very good. They kept us engaged and excited about the next class. The activities involved provided us with life experience, knowledge, social skills and face to face communication. My English language has improved exponentially from the time I started. I’m so grateful to my teachers, support staff, and everybody involved in helping me learn and have a great time doing it.”


 Assel Shaimerdenova - Kazakhstan

“I graduated from the IEP in spring 2015. The IEP at the University of Miami is one of the solid English programs. I highly recommend this school for prospective students. Very professional teachers at the IEP will help you to improve your English! I The IEP gives an opportunity to learn English and to absorb a new environment if you are a foreign student. To learn language it is not only sitting at the school desk, it is also an interaction with people. The UM is a good platform to meet international students and communicate with them in order to improve your speaking. Also, the university organize a lot of events and activities, so if you have a family and kids the UM can help you to entertain your family members. The UM is a pleasurable place to study! It is so great when you can read your book under the palms and enjoy the view of the lake.”


Zehao jiang - China

“My name is Zehao Jiang. I am from China. I started studying English in IEP on August,2015. I studied IEP for 2 semesters and now I am a formal student in University of Miami. I highly recommend this program for students who are eager to study English, to study Miami’s culture, and to make tons of friends from all over the world. The teachers here are really helpful. They will try their best to help you to improve your English skills. And also sometimes, teacher will let you to use iPad to help you study in the class. For myself, I think the time that I spent here is worthy. I improved my English not only on reading and writing, but also on oral communication, in the meanwhile, I also have a lot of fun here. There are many different activities in each semester. I went to watch baseball game, snorkeling, rope course, Miami Heat basketball game , and also boat party which is my favorite one. Here, if I have another chance, I would still choose IEP for me to study English. It is the best time I’ve ever had in my life. I love IEP!”


Javier Rey - Colombia

“My name is Javier Rey and I’m from Bogota, Colombia. I strongly recommend the Intensive English Program (IEP) at the University of Miami for several reasons. First, the University of Miami is recognized as an important University, not only in Florida but also in all of the United States. I had a great experience studying there because the professors are not only highly qualified professionals but also they become your friends and guide you through the course. Not only the professors are great, but also the staff that you can find in the program are exceptional; they make you feel comfortable and they make you feel like a part of a huge family, the IEP family, which has launched alumni from all over the world with successful careers. The different courses and the classes they offer are amazing; the values you learn there from the real American culture are important, the facilities are clean and everything is very well organized, and the service from all the staff members is 5 stars. I also had the opportunity to study English abroad in important cities around the world such as Washington D.C. and Manchester. But studying at the IEP at UM is incredible because you can find people from all over the world and make great friends and great networking for the future. Last but not least, the program offers you thousands of activities to do during your courses. I’ll always recommend the IEP program to my friends and family and hopefully in the future I could send my children to live the incredible experience I had. Thanks IEP” 


Anas Fairaq - Saudi Arabia

“My Name is Anas Fairaq from Saudi Arabia. I graduated from the IEP in 2012 I strongly Recommend this beloved institute! Everything in this environment is (healthy) the teachers are VERY professionals, good hearted, every week there are activities, (to learn & relax), the students are from everywhere in the world, and that one of the things I miss in my current university the campus of the University is very beautiful, I haven’t seen any campus like this in Florida ! I don’t remember any bad experience with this institute! If you have been in this institute, you definitely know what I mean”


Lulu Aldamkhi - Kuwait

“The IEP is a great place to learn English. I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff and i’ve also enjoyed all of the activities they provided. The teachers and staff are all friendly and they’re willing to help anyone. I had a great time in the IEP and I don’t regret studying there”


Armando Ahued - Mexico

“UM has extremely good academic help to their students. Honestly, I learned a lot since I have been studying here. I like UM so much that I am applying for a graduate program in Business Administration. I strongly recommend the University of Miami if you want to really improve your English.”


Sihan Chen - China

“Pretty good. I got to know the basic format of academic writing. Now I cannot help using APA style when writing paper by hand. I have a better grasp of writing sophisticated sentences. I can read longer research paper with the help of IEP. After coming here, I am totally engaged in an English environment, so my oral English becomes better, too. I do not have to speak slowly to check in my mind if my sentences are grammatically correct. I feel freer to express my thoughts to others, not worrying about my Chinese accent any more. I got to know how to prepare and do academic presentations in front of instructors and classmates. I get along very well with faculty and still keep in touch with them now. Not only English, I also practiced Spanish with classmates from Latin America and my instructors. Now I can have some basic talks (i.e. greetings) with them and even Uber drivers. For me, IEP not only stands for Intensive English Program, but also Intensive Excited Program and Intensive Español Program.”


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