IEP offers a variety of courses that allow you to acquire and practice your English both orally and in writing.

Oral Communication 
Students practice both listening and speaking. Activities include participating in conversations, giving presentations and taking notes on academic lectures.
All levels.

Students develop and practice reading comprehension skills, such as skimming and scanning, predicting, and understanding the main idea of a text. 
Levels 1-3.
Written Communication
Students learn to organize and write their ideas using effective grammar, coherent paragraphs and simple essays. 
Levels 1-3.
Reading and Writing
Students further develop reading comprehension skills and use reading texts as models for their own writing. 
Levels 4-5.
Students concentrate on vocabulary and reading skills that need focused attention.
Levels 1-3.
Selected Topics
Students use English to study a subject, like business, or practice a language skill, such as pronunciation. 
Levels 4-5.